Winter Evening Skincare Routine 2017 – Atmospheric inversion

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Are you ready to go on a meteorological tangent with me? I promise, it will tie in with todays video!

Have you ever heard the term atmospheric inversion? It is a kind of weather very common in winter, when the layers of air closest to the ground are much colder than the ones higher up. If winter is cold where you live, chances are you’ll experience atmospheric inversion for the first half of the colder months.


Winter evening skincare routine for mature, acne prone and dehydrated skin
Winter evening skincare routine for mature, acne prone and dehydrated skin


But if you don’t suffer from migraines, why should that interest you? Well, dear skincare lover, because it has a huge effect on your skin! Have you ever wondered why some days stayed gloomy and foggy in the city while being clear and bright when you went up to the mountains?

Well, because the fog can’t rise to the upper layers of air due to the fact that density in cold air is higher than in warm air. And that isn’t only true for fog. This is actually true for everything that is in the air.

Like pollutants, exhaust gases and fine particulates. All the things that cause inflammation, breakouts and premature aging in your skin.

So, the question I get asked a lot is: If my skin is dry, can I skip cleansing in winter?

The answer, dear friend, is no. Taking atmospheric inversion in consideration, it is even more important than ever! You just have to  choose the right products!

I share my picks with you in todays video, great for mature, combination/acne prone and dehydrated skin.


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I always double cleanse and use a balm cleanser to take off my makeup/SPF/the first layer of grime. Clinique Take The Day Off (Review) is a great option, as well as the erborian Solid Cleansing Oil for more dry skins.

For second cleanse I opted for the MV Organic Skincare 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic (Review), gentle, but very effective. For drier skins the Instytutum Cleansing Milk* (Review) might be a good option.



I can’t imagine a life without retinol in my skincare routine, and while I rely on a prescription one, Sunday Riley Luna (Review) or the more affordable M.Asam Pure Vitamins Retinol Youth Concentrate* (Review) are great options.



This would be the part where your acids come in, but I prefer to use a gentle one in the mornings and a more effective one about twice a week in the evenings (Instytutum Triple Effect Peel*, Review) to not combine them with the retinol, as that would be too much for my skin to take.

Instead I go for my secret weapon, one you have heard me raving about a million times before. The Zelens Power D Treatment Drops (Review). These are the best to calm my skin, repair my skins barrier and thus prevent dehydration and new spots. If you haven’t tried them, you really should!


Face Mist

Again, I opt for something a little richer than usually and the pixi skintreats Glow Mist*, known for its glow enhancing abilities over makeup, is my current pick here. While I don’t care about the glow, this one offers a lightweight oil alongside anti-inflammatory ingredients, a perfect step in between.



Just like in my Winter Morning Skincare Routine I reach for the M. Asam Vitamin E Skin Smoothing Serum* quite a lot, as the combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C offers hydration and helps combat hyper pigmentation left behind from breakouts. The other option, as shown in the video, is my Instytutum Serum * (Review)



You know I am not a moisturizer girl and I don’t believe every skin needs one. But what dehydrated skin needs is a good emollient to seal everything in. And while I rely on oils for that job in the summer, when the cold comes around I reach for lightweight creams. The current one? M. Asam Vitamin E 24 Hours Skin Smoothing Cream*. Really lightweight and with added Vitamin E it seals in the moisture without making my face feel greasy.



Winter Evening Skincare routine for Mature Acne Prone and Dehydrated Skin
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And that wraps up my Winter Evening Skincare Routine 2017 as well as the little excursion into meteorological topics!





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