What wasps and I had in common – The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

This summer sees a lot of wasps, at least here where I live.
The early spring and the constant warm weather has led to an increase in their population, and now they are everywhere.

They visit you when you sit outside, enjoying your breakfast in the sun.
They want their share of your ice cream or your cool, sweet drinks.
They even visit to get a piece of your freshly grilled steak.

If I look at it closely, wasps and I have a lot in common.
I too enjoy early spring, warm weather, ice cream, cold drinks and barbecue.
And just like wasps, I majorly dislike having water spritzed in my face.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist amongst some lemon mint.

You didn’t know that? One of the safest (and environment-comscious) ways to ensure an undisturbed meal outside in the summer is having a spray bottle filled with water by your side.
Once a wasp comes stopping by, all you have to do is cover her in water until she can barely fly and she will leave, never to return.
Now when it comes to me having my face spritzed with water, I may be a recent convert. The product that changed my mind? The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist.

What The Body Shop claims:
A quick skin pick-me up and excellent for setting make-up. Spritz it on for instant refreshment, moisture and protection. With a delicate rosewater scent.

One bottle contains 100 ml and retails for 10 € at The Body Shop or around 16 € on Amazon here. 
The pink packaging isn’t overly exciting, but sturdy enough to throw into your purse without risking spillage, and the spray nozzle produces a very fine mist.

Instructions tell you to keep a 15 cm distance between the bottle and your face. That way I need between two and three pumps to cover my entire face.

The spray nozzle close up.

Just like claimed the mist smells like roses, and while it feels wet for the first seconds, it dries down quickly without leaving a residue.

Favorable ingredients:
– Gycerin: Moisturizing
– Tocopheryl Acetate: Vitamin E, antioxidans
– Rosa centifolia water: Soothing, antiinflammatory
– Triticum vulgare Germ Oil: Rich in Vitamin A, E, D and F, nourishing and battling free radicals

Unfavorable Ingredients:
– Phenoxyethanol: Preservative, used instead of parabens, may cause allergic reactions
– Benzoic acid: Preservative, can lead to allergic reactions

As you can see, no parabens this time.
For those of you concerned about the Cetearyl Alcohol in the ingredient list I didn’t mention: There are different kinds of alcohol, this one being non-drying and not harmful to the skin (as alcohol denat. would be).

Does it live up to its claims?
I like it for a quick, refreshing spritz, it contains moisturizing ingredients and enough antioxidants to back up the “protection” claim. And it smells of rosewater.
As far as makeup setting goes, I can´t compare. It is the first ever product of this category I owned, so I can´t vouch for the “excellent”, but I can say it doesn’t disturb my makeup.

Will I rebuy?
I love using it, it doesn’t break the bank and has a delicate mist I don’t mind spraying onto my face.
But I can´t say it was a total, can´t-live-without-it game changer for my skin, so I guess I will venture into the universe of face mists a little more before I settle down for a favorite.

Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone looking for a face mist, especially if you are into roses.
If your skin is sahara-dry, this will not be enough for exclusive use, but if you use it as a quick top up throughout the day, you should be fine.
The only ones that should stay clear of this product are people that dislike rose scent and wasps.

Do you use face mists or makeup setting sprays?
And what are your experiences regarding wasps?

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