Weight loss and body changes after pregnancy

There were many things I wanted to know when I got pregnant.

I wanted to know if I would be a good mom.

I wanted to know how my life was going to change.

I wanted to know what labor would feel like.

And, superficial woman that I am, I wanted to know how my body would change and how (and if) I would ever get back to my pre-baby body.

Bounce back, as it is called these days.


Weight loss and body changes after pregnancy - my 3 month postpartum update


Now, two pregnancies later, it is the question that always comes up when we are talking baby stuff. The one thing every woman who is planning on having babies wants to know.

So I sat down and talked you through weight loss and body changes after pregnancy.


And I even mustered up the courage to show you on camera how my body looks like, to the day three months after I had my son.


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Always remember:

Creating life is a miracle, but one that takes a toll on the body. In my opinion it is worth every bit of change, but it was easier for me the second time around, because I knew what I had to expect.

And because I knew that I will get back to a body similar to the one I had before pregnancy, even if it takes quite a long time.


What did you experience after your pregnancy?

Is this a question you have been asking yourself when you were thinking about having a family?


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