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No matter if it is YouTube or Instagram, the main request I have to decline is surely: Can you tell me specifically which products to buy to build a skincare routine!

I can´t – there are so many products out there and everyone has specific needs, preferences and expectations, it would be impossible for me to build you a customized skincare routine.


Function of Doctor Anne
So excited about my new products that I put the headband on wrong…


BUT: There are others that have the means, which is why today I am going to introduce you to Function of Beauty – Huge thanks to Function of Beauty for sponsoring this blog post!

If you don´t know the brand from their customized hair care yet, the process is fairly easy:

You fill out a short quiz describing your skin type, goals, makeup use and skin sensitivity. You also get to choose the format you want, you can for example pick between a micellar water style or a jelly cleanser or choose if you want a gel, lotion or cream cleanser – and, which is the coolest thing – you can choose which name you have printed on the bottle.


Function of beauty skincare
Here are my answers


Now this isn´t an entirely new concept, customized skincare has been around for a while, but many others only match you to different already existing products in their line, while Function of Beauty custom blends a cleanser, serum and moisturizer made especially for you, your goals and skin type. That means they offer over 3,1 billion unique formula combinations, which is why they call themselves the world’s most customized skincare line.

Their formulas are also free of parabens, sulfates or GMOs, should you want to avoid them, and are 100% vegan and cruelty free.



And on top of getting my own products, I also have a limited time offer for you: Get an extra 20% off on any of the skincare bundles and a free selfie spa headband: Go to for 20% off.

But without further ado, let’s talk about the products.

My main concerns were anti-aging, anti-pollution and tightening, and because with Tretinoin use in winter my skin can sometimes be sensitive, I ordered everything in fragrance-free. And because I was curious, as fragrance-free often … stinks. Well, in this case it doesn´t, there is barely any scent at all.


Function of Beauty Cleanser
The Function of Beauty Cleanser


Function of Beauty Cleanser

The cleanser contains 150 ml and comes with a pump. 

I picked the jelly version, as you might already know I am not a huge fan of micellar type cleansers for my skin.

I like the pump, but need 3-4 pumps to really cover my face with it. It is non-lathering and can be applied to both wet and dry skin.


Function of Beauty Cleanser
One pump of product


The texture feels like a bouncy gel, spreads easily and does not sting the eyes, which is amazing as I wear contacts and my eyes get irritated easily.

It is great at taking off my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean, but not stripped

For my anti-aging concerns Function of Beauty added to all my products Argireline aka Hexapeptide-8 to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and Centella Asiatica which is soothing and anti-inflammatory. 

The cleanser is pH balanced and like the rest of the products vegan and cruelty-free.


Function of Beauty Serum
The Function of Beauty Serum

Function of Beauty Serum

Next up the Serum, which is, as you all know, my favorite step when doing my skincare routine.

Let´s talk about the packaging first: I know pipettes aren’t what everyone is searching for, but this one is pretty smart – the press-down button moves up as you twist off the cap, which ensures a fresh dose of product is in the pipette without you needing to pump repeatedly.  

This serum, albeit unscented, smells slightly warm and has a hint of amber in color. The texture is not watery, but more on the firm side, but spreads without any tugging. Function of Beauty says it uses a gel-to-liquid-to-powder technology, and I can see what they mean by that. It is almost a gel when it comes out of the pipette, spreads like a liquid, but once absorbed almost has a powdery finish – quite unique and very pleasant to use.


Function of Beauty Serum
I really like the warm color


For my tightening, Function of Beauty added two ingredients to all my products: Nannochloropsis Oculata Extract, which is the extract of an algae and allegedly tightens the skin (I haven´t found much data on it) and Pullulan, a polysaccharide that forms a sheer film that tightens and improves texture.

Now I don´t think these two will have the same impact as retinoids for example, but my skin immediately feels and looks tighter after applying serum and moisturizer, so even if it is only a temporary effect, it is very welcome especially in the mornings.


Function of Beauty Lotion
The Function of Beauty Lotion Moisturizer


Function of Beauty Moisturizer

Which brings me to the last item, the moisturizer. I picked the lotion, as some gels have a tendency to pill on me and creams are usually too rich for my skin type.

Function of Beauty claims it is versatile enough to nourish the skin through all seasons, but now that winter is upon us the version for combination skin is not enough for me at night. I still reach for it throughout the day though, as it does not pill and layers well with my sunscreens for an extra layer of protection from the cold we are currently experiencing.


Function of Beauty Lotion
One pump of product


Again, it is packaged in a pump, has no scent, glides easily across the skin and, very important to me, does not add any extra shine to my oilier parts.

No pilling, no tackiness – a great moisturizer for daytime.

For my anti-pollution concerns Function of Beauty added the following ingredients to all my products: Cherimoya Extract, which is an adaptogenic ingredient that comes from a South American fruit, and Hydroxytyrosol, which comes from olives and is an antioxidant.


Function of Beauty Skincare
Look – there is my name on it!


Bottom line

I am impressed with the quality of products and packaging as well as the amount of customization that you can choose from. Of course there are many great skincare products available at the drugstore, but being able to get the texture or the type of product customized exactly to my preference makes me enjoy the products even more. I found them to be easily integrated in my existing routine, but also sufficient for a quick morning when I needed as little steps as possible.

And, not going to lie, having my name on the bottles makes me feel extra special whenever I reach for them.

So if this is something you would enjoy too, don´t forget to check out the link in the bio for a discount on your first order and let me know in the comments how you got on with the products!


Function of Beauty skincare
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