THE INKEY LIST Rosehip Oil – For the soul

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Once the New Year Excitement has worn off, all we are left with is the cold, dark and grey reality of winter in Germany. No snow covered slopes to brighten the outdoors here, at least not on a regular!




When going outside seems to be no fun at all, and you need not only protective layers of clothing, but also protective layers for your soul.

Now don´t tell me you don´t know what I am talking about, chocolate is an excellent protective layer for the soul for example.

As are oils. Posh, golden droplets pressed into your skin – pure bliss

My current crush? THE INKEY LIST Rosehip Oil.


What THE INKEY LIST claims

Renowned as a powerful antioxidant with impressive nourishing, protective powers, rosehip oil is a skin saviour for many – and THE INKEY LIST’s sublimely simple version makes it accessible to all. Packed with essential fatty acids and skin-boosting vitamins, this 100% pure Rosehip Oil helps to hydrate skin, improving its tone and texture and minimising pigmentation. Great for dry skin types, it hydrates, soothes and softens, while also helping to regulate oil production – thanks to linoleic acid – making it brilliant for oily and acne-prone skin too. Use it as the final step in your routine morning or evening (or both) for a beautifully nourishing, moisturising addition.


Doesn’t it look lush?



Prize and size

One bottle (flip-cap) contains 30 ml and retails for 6,99 £ here. You need two to three drops for your whole face.


Texture and smell

An oil is an oil in texture, so don´t expect any surprises her. It sinks in quickly though, without leaving a heavy or greasy film on my skin. Even when closely sniffing I did not notice a scent.


Application and effects

I have used it both directly patted into my skin and mixed in with my moisturizer, leaving my skin plump, but not greasy.  While it can be used both morning and night I stick to using THE INKEY LIST Rosehip Oil in my nighttime routine, so I can´t really speak for how it behaves under makeup.



Favorable ingredients

  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil: Rich in Vitamin C, improves collagen production, lightens pigmentation

The ingredient list here is pretty short, you get what you see on the bottle. Rosehip oil isn´t just another oil though, it is a natural source of Vitamin A and rich in linoleic acid, which makes the oil suitable for spot prone skin, aging skin and skin prone to hyperpigmentation – basically me in a nutshell.


Does it live up to its claims?


It is great for dry, oily and acne prone skin types, helping with hydration, hyperpigmentation and free radical damage.


Would I repurchase?


I like facial oils and THE INKEY LIST Rosehip Oil is perfect for my skin type while also being very affordable.


Who do I recommend it to?

All skin types can benefit from an oil, but this one I would recommend for mature skin, for acne prone skin and for skin with a lot of hyperpigmentation.


Rosehip Oil to purchase

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