Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact – One for summer

While everyone knows and loves Sephora as a place to shop, I feel like their own makeup line doesn’t get all the love it deserves. Of course, not all of the products they do are outstanding, but there are a few that are well worth checking out.


Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact in "Light"
Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact in “Nude”


My biggest problem with Sephora though is the access. You know, I like to feel makeup before I buy it. Smell it, touch it, admire the packaging… The whole sensual experience. Problem is: there is no Sephora in Germany.

So I shop when I am in France. And this is where I bought the Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact in the color “15 Nude”.

Now I was in France September 2015. Right at the end of summer.  Right at the end of winter though I am facing another problem.

Can you guess which?


You guessed right. My perfect color match then is too dark for me now. But as I love everything else about it, I am (im)patiently waiting for warmer days and a little bit of color added back into my lifeless complexion.


What Sephora claims:

Flaunt a natural, picture-perfect look with these state-of-the-art face powders. Infused with radiance-boosting minerals, sea coral, and green tea extract, these baked pigments sweep on weightless, natural-looking color—so you’ll be the picture of health. The micronized, advance pigments blend seamlessly into the skin to enhance skintone and provide a flawless, no-makeup finish. Formulated with mineral water and shaped by hand, this foundation is slowly baked to achieve a unique airy texture that perfectly melts into the skin. Coverage can go from sheer to high, depending on the amount used. The fine powder forms the perfect match to your complexion with a lightweight, breathable feel—forget cakey.



Price and packaging:

The product is housed in a black plastic compact with a see-through lid that feels quite sturdy. It contains 7g of product and is available for 27,50 $ (or 16,50 €) here.

The website lists eight colors, going from porcelain to ebony.


Close up. Do you notice the subtle sheen? Granted, it is very subtle.
Close up. Do you notice the subtle sheen? Granted, it is very subtle.


Texture and finish

Very soft and silky to the touch, the powder doesn’t have a noticeable amount of shimmer, but once applied gives a very natural, satin finish to the skin.

Depending on your method of application, you´ll get light coverage with a fluffy brush or medium coverage when applied with a powder puff. Spots and acne scars as well as hyper pigmentation will need extra concealing, but any redness is evened out nicely.


On my skin, the powder has a tendency to oxidize with time. Not very much, but with it being too dark for me already when applied it gets more noticeable with time.

I get around four hours of wear before I feel the need to reapply, but no matter how many touchups I do throughout the day, it never gets cakey.


Does it live up to its claims?

Most of them.

It is lightweight, natural in finish, not cake, breathable, all of that. The one thing I disagree with is the high coverage achievable. Of course it says: “depending on the amount of product used.”, but there sure is a limitation to how much product you can actually put on your face, no?


Will I rebuy?


I love almost everything about it. But I have to see if the color will work out come summer, as the “Porcelain” shade was too pinkish on my skin.


Who do I recommend it to?


The finish is natural, the texture is lovely and you get a lot of product.

It will need extra concealing, but looks great on top of foundation as well as worn on it´s own, and will feel lightweight throughout the summer heat.


Are you into powder foundations come summer?

And have you tried Sephoras own brand yet? If so, any recommendations?


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