Save some space with this beauty

Whenever I traveled by plane, fees for overpacking my suitcase were inevitable.

Books were the one thing, heavy but absolutely necessary for holidays. As I am a fast reader, I usually took about 5-6 books for a two weeks getaway. And by books I mean a 1000 page historical novels or something like this.
So before our 4 weeks road trip to Chile, Mr. Loca got me an iPad, and I have never traveled without it since.
The other thing is skincare and makeup. 
Just three outfits? No problem. 
Two pair of shoes? I am okay with that.
But two weeks without my toners, serums, face and body moisturizer, hair mask, face mask, cleansers, makeup remover, …? Unthinkable. 
Limiting myself to just two lipsticks? Four eyeshadows? One blush? Horrible!
MAXFACTOR Creamy Blush in “Soft Cardinal” (Picture credit: MAXFACTOR website)
With our trip to New Zealand rapidly approaching, I had to realize that I just couldn’t clutter half of our camper van with makeup, especially when accompanied by a one-year old, needing diapers, toys, wipes and all that.
So I went on the hunt for multi-use products.

One that I had in my stash for quite some time now, but only ever used for its designated purpose, was the MaxFactor Creamy Blush in “Soft Cardinal”. 
I admit, when I bought it, it was by mistake.
I wanted to grab its famous sister, “Soft Pink”, hyped all over YouTube, but somehow picked up the wrong color.
Lucky me, because “Soft Pink” might just be too light to use it as I do with “Soft Cardinal”.
In the end of September, I spent some time with Mr. Loca and the Little Bean at my parents house in France. We decided that driving 12 hours would be too much for the baby, so I went there by plane with Little Bean and only Carry-on luggage, while Mr. Loca drove on his own, bringing the suitcases. 
Brilliant plan, but there I was, trying to pack everything we would need for the next two days into a bag, limited to the size of 55x40x20 cm.
Diapers, wipes and baby food for the duration of the flight included!

Of course, there was the possibility of going bare-faced, but “Soft Cardinal” came to my rescue.
This is the makeup I wore until Mr. Loca arrived:

All pink on eyes, lips and cheeks.

Products used:

L´Oréal Super Liner in Extra Black Gloss
L´Oréal False Lash Effect Mascara
MAC Concealer Palette in “Light”
MaxFactor Cream Blush in “Soft Cardinal” as eyeshadow, lipstick and blush.

Of course, the longevity isn’t the best, especially on the lips, but it is easy to throw in your purse and touch up for the day.
I would always recommend lining at least your upper waterline and use mascara to create a barrier between the reddish-pink and your eyes. Otherwise you might look like you cried a little too much.

A word of warning though: 
This product is a blush, so it is not recommended to use it around your eyes. I did it without experiencing any negative effects, and will continue to do so, but this is just me being a total makeup rebel…

What are your favorite multi-function products? Fill me in!
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