Precious stones – line n grow Tinted lash Enhancers

If you were a pirate and would bury your treasure chest, how would it look like?
Would it be filled with gold and silver coins, would you put in all your necklaces and rings or would it be all jewels?

line n grow Tinted Lash Enhancers

Mine would be all jewels. I love the colors, the feeling and the sparkle, everything about them. Now it may sound as if I have a ton of sapphires, rubies and amethysts lying around, but trust me, I don’t. The few I own are part of my necklaces, and even though I wouldn’t mind a chest filled to the brim with them, I don’t see that happen anytime soon.

So I will continue to collect jewel tones products, two of them being the “Line n Grow Tinted Lash Enhancers”.

What line n grow claims:
The line n grow products contains up to 98% natural ingredients (i.e. grape seed oil, apple extract, aloe vera, panthenol) to stimulate lash and brow growth in a natural way – lashes are longer, stronger and more dense. Tests show that when used daily for four weeks, 97% of the subject group reported visible lash growth.
Suitable for contact lenses wearers.

Available in five colors and as a clear treatment serum, the liners come in a glass tube with a silver cap and retail for between 33 to 49 €, depending on wherever you shop online.

They don’t have any noticeable scent and come with a long, thin brush of which I, just to put it out there, am absolutely no fan.
I am no newbie to liquid liner, it is the form of liner I use the most, but I really struggle to get an even line or let alone a decent wing with them.

A long, thin and very flexible brush.

The colors on the other hand are great.
Deep, rich and opaque with one swipe they are the only reason I haven’t decided to bin the liners altogether.
Because despite being named “Olive” and “Eggplant” they are the most beautiful jewel tones I own, a rich emerald and a deep amethyst.

“Olive” to the left, “Eggplant” to the right

Does it live up to its claims?
I can´t really tell.
They are way to inconvenient to use to apply them every day, I never reach for them when I am in a hurry, but to be honest, I don’t think they really improve lash growth.
All the serums that really work contain Bimatoprost or a similar drug, used to combat glaucoma and are not save to use while wearing contacts (you can wear them in the evenings obviously when you have taken your contacts out) or during pregnancy.
The listed natural ingredients will of course condition your lashes, but they will not magically make them grow.

Will I rebuy?
I love the colors, but I will rather search for a different jewel toned product than keep struggling with applying my liner.

Who do I recommend it to?

That is a difficult one.
If you love the colors as much as I do and want the conditioning effect for your lashes, try them.
But to be honest, I wouldn’t spend the money again.
Do you struggle with liquid liner?
And have you ever thought about burying a treasure chest for hard times to come?

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