Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

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2007 German government decided that smoking in public buildings would be banned. That included pubs, restaurants and cafés, basically everywhere food was served and consumed.

I was 20 in 2007, and hanging out in pubs was much more common for me than nowadays. Even though I didn´t smoke myself, I was never bothered by friends or strangers smoking in my presence. Until the day I learned how much better I felt the next morning if I hadn´t been surrounded by smoke the whole night.


Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm
Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm


Less dry throat and eyes, less headache, less grey skin… But the most important thing? Not having to deal with the scent of old smoke in my hair and clothes. Honestly, not having to wash my hair after being out simply because the smell would make me nauseous was amazing!

Why I am telling you this story from times long gone, you ask? Because when sniffing the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, I get a faint hint of that smell. Not overpowering, and not preventing me from using (and, spoiler alert, enjoying) the product, but enough to remind me how lucky I am to no longer have to deal with that.


What Omorovicza claims

This gentle black facial cleansing balm is rich in Hungarian Moor Mud, whose unique mineral complex detoxifies and purifies the skin. It removes all makeup, including waterproof mascara, and cleanses all skin types without stripping to leave the complexion soft, hydrated and radiant.

Working with a Hungarian Nobel prize winning laboratory, Omorovicza Cosmetics developed and patented the Healing Concentrate™ to deliver all the potent minerals occurring naturally in the Omorovicza healing waters deep into the epidermis. Complexion appears firmer, suppler and more youthful.




Prize and size

One pot contains 50 ml (1.7 fl oz) and retails for 110 $ on the website here or for 65 € on the website here. There is also a XXL size here , containing 100 ml at 105€, giving you the opportunity to save a little money. You don´t really need much, so buying the XXL size would be a commitment for at least half a year.


Texture and smell

Hard when you scoop it out the balm turns into an oily consistency on the skin that is easy to distribute, but has enough grip for a facial massage.

The scent, described as “stimulating orange blossom” was not entirely pleasant to my nose. As stated above it had a hint of old cigarette smoke, most likely down to the mineral rich mud.


Application and effects

You scoop out a tiny bit and massage it onto dry skin, then take it off with a wash cloth and water. I used it both morning and night, and even tried it to remove makeup, which it does. I will though keep using it as a morning cleanse or second cleanse, I really want the mineral rich goodness on my skin after I have taken off the first layer of gunk.

Despite being a mud mask it is gentle and hydrating, but feels effective in cleansing at the same time.


Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm
Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm




Favorable ingredients
  • Cetearyl Alcohol: Emollient, emulsifier
  • Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, moisturizing
  • Glyceryl Stearate: Fatty acid, naturally occurring in the human body, emollient
  • Stearyl Heptanoate: Emollient
  • Silt (Hungarian Mud): Rich in minerals like Calcium and magnesium and trace elements like Sulphur
  • Squalane: Moisturizing, non-oily oil, natural in skin
  • Cera Alba (Bees Wax): Emollient
  • Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca): anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, antioxidant
  • Prunus Domestica (Plum) Seed Extract: Source of Vitamins
  • Cetearyl Alcohol: Emollient, emulsifier
  • Saccharomyces Ferment Extract: Nourishing and rich in antioxidants
  • Tocopherol: Vitamin E, antioxidant
  • Aqua (Hungarian Thermal Water)
  • Malpighia Punicifolia (Acerola): Rich in antioxidants, a phenol extract has in vivo proven to be skin lightening by suppressing melanin synthesis
  • Phospholipids: Part of cellular membrane, repairs skins barrier
Other ingredients
  • Phenoxyethanol: Preservative
  • Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate: Cleansing
  • Benzyl Alcohol: Preservative
  • Ethylhexylglycerin: Preservative
  • Dehydroacetic Acid: Preservative, antifungal, antibacterial



Unfavorable ingredients
  • Limonene/Linalool: naturally occurring in essential oils, potentially irritating
  • Parfum




Does it live up to its claims?


While I don´t have the means to measure the efficacy of mineral delivery, it cleanses thoroughly without stripping, it hydrates my skin and leaves it plump and clean.


Would I repurchase?


It is a lovely product and a cult favorite for a good reason, but with my skin being on the more oily side, I don´t think I am the target group. For purifying my skin I rely on the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser (Review), that is admittedly more stripping, but at the same time half the price for double the amount and better targeted at my skin type.


Who do I recommend it to?

Dry and severly dehydrated skins that have a tendency to break out and want a purifying and nourishing cleanser will love that one. And as you only need a tiny amount each time, the 50 ml will last you quite a long time, making the product a much better value for money than you would have thought at first sight.


Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm
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