Odacité Green Tea Lemongrass Serum – Memoirs of a Geisha

There was a time when I used to read much more than I do now. I would happily turn page after page, spending the whole weekend wrapped up in a story. These days are long gone, and even though I could blame that on the kids, fact is that if I spend only half the time I am on You Tube reading, I would go through multiple books a week.

The last time I actually read a lot was when we were road tripping through New Zealand (read here, here and here) and I had no wifi. Pathetic.


Odacité Green Tea Lemongrass Serum


One of the books I read then was Memoirs of a Geisha (highly recommended), a classic turned into a movie. The description of their beauty rituals was captivating my makeup obsessed mind, mainly the sheer amount of stuff they would slather on their faces on a daily basis. Only the most diligent skincare could have prevented horrible breakouts.

So whenever I now read “Inspired by the Geishas skincare secrets” I am all ears. And the last time that happened was with Odacité Green Tea Lemongrass Serum


What Odacité claims:

This fast-acting serum targets the restoration of radiance & skin luminescence

Active source of plant collagen, Camellia seed oil is extracted from the antioxidant-rich seeds of Green Tea. This precious oil is known to be the ancestral beauty secret behind the geishas’ skin radiance.

The astringent and toning properties of Lemongrass tighten and refine sluggish, lackluster skin.

Lemongrass is known, in aromatherapy, for its ability to both calm and revitalize, relieve tension, invigorate and inspire


Odacité Green Tea Lemongrass Serum



Prize and size

One bottle, dark glass, dropper, retails for 39 $ on the website here. It contains 5 ml, which does not sound much, but you really only need two to three drops for your entire face and neck.


Texture and smell

The name serum is misleading. It looks like an oil, feels like an oil and contains oils. Oh, and it smells like lemongrass.


Application and effects

The product can be used on its own or mixed in with your moisturizer. Both works, but I prefer mixing it in, just because that way I feel the two drops needed spread better. If I use it on its own, I need three to cover my whole face and neck. The effects are actually hard to judge, you can’t see the antioxidants killing the free radicals, you know? In terms of radiance, yes, it adds glow instantly. It is an oil after all.


Favorable ingredients:

Camellia oleifera seed oil, made from Green Tea seeds, provides your skin with a lot of antioxidants to fight free radicals, Vitamin E oil is another powerful antioxidant and lemongrass essential oil not only smells amazing, but is antiseptic and astringent as in tightening pores and skin as well. All oils are certified organic.


Unfavorable Ingredients:

None. The ingredient list ends with the three mentioned above.


Does it live up to its claims?


Antioxidants are amazing to help with skins restoration, and lemongrass is invigorating as well as toning. The one thing I am not so sure about is the “source of plant collagen”. Collagen applied topically is controversial, no matter of which origin. It all comes down to the size of the molecule.


Would I repurchase?


And I want to try more of the line for sure.


Who do I recommend it to?


If not this one, then one of the others from the line.

Budget friendly, organic, no unnecessary ingredients and easy to incorporate into your routine, that one ticks all the boxes.

It even is gluten-free, should you care. I don’t.


But if the Geishas really used it? They might have. I at least feel very zen after application.


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