New Years Resolutions 2018

I have stated it numerous times before: I do not make resolutions, goals or whatever you will call them on New Years Eve.

In fact I don’t make resolutions. Ever. And I don’t actively decide on goals.

I am a Type A personality. Goals are my living, breathing existence.


New Years Resolutions 2018
New Years Resolutions 2018


Which confused Mr. Loca when he recently asked for my blogging strategy and got “Well, I don’t know… I guess it is just fun.” as an answer. After a moment of disbelief he started to laugh at me and, (quite rightly) said: “You never do things just for fun.”

That got me thinking.


Thinking about the amount of work I put into blogging.

Thinking about goals I might have, but never dared to admit.

And thinking about the fact that I had no answer for things like “target group”, “five year plan” and “social media strategy”.

So I took some time off blogging (which you probably didn’t notice due to the magic of scheduling) and tried to figure out boring adult stuff like “workflow” and “time management”. Things that usually are my forte, but in which I failed massively when it came to blogging.

And I decided that a lot needed to change. Now I do intend to keep blogging in terms of content as I did before, but I have made quite a few behind the scenes changes that will affect you, dear readers, only in one way:


I am changing my upload schedule.

Both You Tube videos and blog posts will go live at the same time now, starting January 4th and the times are:

Monday and Thursday at 8 pm (Berlin, UTC +01:00)

Of course things will be easier for you should you decide to follow me on Social Media and bloglovin´, the handles to which you always find conveniently placed in my sidebar.


New Years Resolutions 2018
New Years Resolutions 2018



Happy New Year and may all your dreams, hopes and wishes for 2018 come true.


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