MV Organic Skincare 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic – Whatever your problem, this is a solution

When you do something the second time, you are way better prepared. So when the time arrived to go to the hospital to deliver my son earlier this year, I knew how I was going to feel afterwards: Exhausted, emotional, sweaty and completely off balance. And that this feeling would stick with me for the weeks to come.




So when the time came to pack my skincare stuff for the hospital (here is a video on it, in case you are interested), I totally fell for the promise of MV Organics Skincare:

“MV is a unique and beautiful skin ritual which allows all women a moment in the day to truly relax and unwind.”

Just what I needed, so I packed the MV Organic Skincare 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic, ready to put that promise to the test.


What MV Organics claims:

Versatile and luxurious with an addictive aroma, this oil is an instant pick-me-up for tired, dehydrated and sun-damaged skins. Additionally, it acts as a balancing treatment for oily, congested and pimple-prone skins. Packed with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich plant and essential oils, this is the ultimate skin tonic and deep cleansing treatment to restore skin health and radiance. Use as a secondary cleanser, a decongesting treatment or as a nourishing night serum.



Prize and size

One bottle, metallic, contains 65 ml and retails for 90 $ on the MV Organic Skincare website here. I have been using the 65 ml on and off since March, approximately two or three times a week. The metallic bottle makes it very hard to judge how much there is still left, but you really only need a little.




Texture and smell

The scent is the most calming and relaxing scent I have ever encountered in a cleanser. Honestly, it even beats the Aurelia Miracle Cleanse I reviewed earlier this year. As far as texture goes, it is an oil, but it doesn’t leave a residue on my skin after rinsing and is very pleasant to massage on your face.


Application and effects

I used it as a second cleanse in the evenings most of the time. As treatment and night oil worked lovely as well, and it did remove my makeup when used as a first cleanse, but it would be a waste to use it that way in my opinion. My skin really felt balanced after using it, no matter if it was dehydrated before or if I felt especially congested. It is one of the products you can reach for if your skin really needs some love.


Favorable ingredients:

  • Camellia (Camellia Oleifera) Oil: Moisturizing, rich in fatty acids
  • Avocado (Persea Gratissima) Oil: Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids
  • Infused Centella (Centella Asiatica Extract) Oil: Stimulates collagen production, antioxidant
  • Vitamin E – non GM (Tocopherol): Antioxidant
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Extract: Antiseptic
  • With essential Oils of: Bitter Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Rosewood and Carrot Seed.

Unfavorable Ingredients:

None. But all essential oils are potential irritants.


Does it live up to its claims?


Well, ultimate is a big word, but the ingredients surely live up to the claim and given the scent it was very relaxing indeed.


Would I repurchase?


The only thing keeping me from already hoarding it is the price. So I will for now treasure the amount I have left and fear the day I run out of it. I would put it on my Christmas wish list, but Mr. Loca is never getting me skincare, so that will be futile.


Who do I recommend it to?

If you prefer all organic brands, if you want luxury in your life and if your skin goes through the weirdest stages of being oily, dehydrated, congested within weeks, this is a great one to have in your stash.

If you are on a budget though, or have the unproblematic skin of the early twenties, you should probably look elsewhere.


The only thing that bothers me: Why 9 Oils? It is ten if you count the essential oils in, and four without them. Am I so bad at basic maths? Enlighten me if you know the answer!


Carol from Carol in a Page solved the riddle: Rosemary isn’t an oil, it is an extract, so hunting in the essential oils it comes up to 9. I just assumed it was an oil, even though I wrote Extract…


Oh, and have you seen Pt. 2 of our France holiday already?

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