Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 – Why do I get bored so easily?

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I get bored easily.

Not by doing something over and over again, I could happily spend my day in a fixed routine without even noticing. But if someone was to walk up to me and say: “You are happy? That´s fine. Because that is how it will stay forever more!”, I´d have an instant meltdown and run for the next plane.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe because forever is a long time and the promise of change and adventure is what I need to feel alive.

Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 palette
Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 palette

That may be one of the reasons I don’t like premade palettes. Even if they contained only shadows that I love (and let´s face it, there is always at least one useless one), the thought of being limited to them drives me nuts!

But here I am, bringing you a review of the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3, and I swear I have used it exclusively for two months straight! With only a few little exceptions. And a lot of complaining to my husband. Who absolutely didn’t care.


What Makeup Revolution London claims:

“THE ultimate 
palettes with ultra high payoff.

A perfect mix of pearl, shimmer and matte shades. Totally collectable and a pure sellout.”

But more important is what the internet claims: These palettes are marketed as the unofficial dupe for the UD Naked palettes, this one for Naked 3.


The palette contains twelve different eyeshadows, a total of 14 g of product and is available at this website
for 3,74€.

Packaging wise it is housed in a plastic case without a mirror. The eyeshadow pans are quite long, but wide enough to fit a regular eyeshadow brush.

The texture is nice, not chalky and produces barely any fallout.

Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 palette
Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 palette

I had some issues with patchy application at first that were solved by changing the base I used. When using my MAC Painterly Paint Pot or the UD Primer Potion, application was smooth and easy without a lot of fallout, but my MaxFactor cream eyeshadow didn’t work with them at all.

The biggest disappointment on my part was the pigmentation. Even the darker shades turned out way sheerer on my lids than I would have thought, and it took quite some effort to build them up to the desired intensity. Now that may be a good thing for some people, but I prefer my eye shadow pigmented.

Given the sheer pigmentation, I found that many shades didn’t differ much on the lids when applied. In my opinion, you could have left out about a third of the shades all together, because they looked exactly like the one right next to them when applied. But have a look yourself:

One swipe, no primer
One swipe, no primer
One swipe, no primer
One swipe, no primer
One swipe, no primer
One swipe, no primer


Does it live up to its claims?


Ultra high payoff? No way. The payoff is nice, especially regarding the price, but ultra high? Quite a bold claim. It may be a collectible and may be a sellout, both being claims I can´t judge.

As far as the Naked 3 claim goes, I don’t know. I don’t own any of the Naked palettes myself, but I searched the blogosphere and recreated some Naked 3 looks I found. That worked very well, with a little effort spend on intensifying the color. So I guess, yes.

Will I repurchase?


As much as I try, I am not and will never be a palette girl. My single eyeshadows make me so much happier, and the endless possible combinations when I put them into my premade palette excite me.

Who do I recommend it to?

If you are new to eyeshadows and want a versatile palette that is easy to work with, this one is perfect for you.

If you don’t want to spend much time on your look in the morning, this palette offers a few slightly different, always work-appropriate shadow options.

If you are on a budget, but want to be able to recreate Naked 3 looks from Pinterest, go for it.


You have seen me use this palette here, here and here.


Do you get bored easily?

And are you hunting down dupes or do you prefer the original?

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