M. Asam Pure Vitamins Facial Oil – Summer dreaming

I like winter, don´t get me wrong.

But when March rolls around and spring is at my fingertips, I get an intense craving for warm sun on my face and evenings spend outside. And inevitably my thoughts wander off to sand, sun and sea, to a summer holiday rather than a cozy evening wrapped in a blanket.


M. Asam Pure Vitamins Facial Oil


Perfect time for a spring clean, some would suggest. As someone that dislikes cleaning with passion I settle for something else though: A makeup and skincare overhaul.

And out of the depths of my skincare drawer (believe me, it is an abyss) came the M. Asam Pure Vitamins Facial Oil. I stared using it on my summer holiday in France last September (fancy a vlog or two?) and replaced it with the slightly richer MV Organics 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic (reviewed here) a few months ago.


Now the M. Asam Pure Vitamins Facial oil seems to be currently unavailable, probably a summer thing (ah, ice cream!), but chances are they´ll bring it back. And if not, there is still plenty of other things from this line to check out (like the M. Asam Pure Vitamins Retinol Youth Concentrate, reviewed here).


What M. Asam claims:

This lightweight nighttime facial oil offers intense care without feeling heavy. Carefully blended natural ingredients like evening primrose oil and inca-inchi-oil help you achieve beautiful and healthy skin. Suitable for face, neck and decollété.



M. Asam Pure Vitamins Facial Oil



Prize and size

The orange bottle is made from frosted glass, contains 50 ml and comes with a pump. As I mentioned earlier, the oil itself is no longer available, but the Pure Vitamins retinol Youth Serum from the same line contains 50 ml as well and retails for 29,95 € here.


Texture and smell

One pump is enough to cover face and neck, and just as claimed the oil feels lightweight on the skin and distributes easily. With a fresh and uplifting scent that doesn´t linger it reminds me of a fruity cocktail without being too citrusy.


Application and effects

Although it is specifically marketed as nighttime oil, I have used it both morning and night and both on its own and mixed into my moisturizer. In the summer, using it at night was just the right amount of hydration without ever feeling too heavy, in the winter the oil itself was not enough. Mixed in with my moisturizer though it added that extra oomph that I needed, and used in the mornings on days when my skin was especially tight it provided hydration throughout the day without making me shiny or disrupting my makeup.


Favorable ingredients:

The blend of oils this product contains (sunflower, argan, jojoba, apricot, evening primrose, grape seed, corn and inca peanut, to be precise) offers a lot of antioxidants to fight free radicals and sun damage as well as a good amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (especially linoleic acid) to combat dryness and improve skin healing. Add in some rosemary leaf extract for antiseptic properties and you are left with a lightweight oil that is suitable even for oilier and acne-prone complexions.


Unfavorable Ingredients:

Fragrance in the upper third of the ingredient list. Many people don’t actually know that oils tend to smell horrific on their own, so either fragrance or a high percentage of essential oils is needed to mask that.


Does it live up to its claims?


Lightweight, not feeling heavy. Check and check. Intense care? Hm, intense is a big word. Not intense enough for dry winter skin, but as a summer product – perfect level of intensity.


Would I repurchase?


If they bring it back, that is. I have repurchased other products from the line already and am a big fan of the affordable prices paired with effective ingredients. Oh, and of the down to earth claims, which seems to be quite rare these days.


Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone looking for a lightweight oil.

If your skin is extra dry, this will probably not be rich enough to use on its own, but you can always mix it into your cream to amp up hydration when needed.

Oh, and the packaging is amazing! Pump, air-tight, sleek, just what I expect from a skincare brand that knows it´s stuff.

As for availability: They do ship to quite a few countries and are available on channels like QVC, TSC or MBoutique.


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