LLL Vlogs 37 – Travel plans

Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture! There are no sunsets in this video, in fact the sun has long set and you will only get to see me, fresh from the shower (in clothes!) and with a towel wrapped around my head.

Wait, that sounds off. I didn’t obviously shower in clothes, I meant that I put on clothes after the shower to film the video.


Travel plans
Travel plans


Even though, given how I was feeling when I filmed it, I would not have been surprised if I had forgotten to get dressed. Seriously, if my head wasn’t firmly placed on my shoulders, I think I might loose it somewhere these days.


Shh, all that rambling! You are really better off if you focus on the sunset.


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The picture was taken in Zingst, at the Baltic Sea, when our daughter was four months old and my sister in law had agreed to babysit her so we could be out after (or at least at) sunset.

Didn´t last long out there, not because there were any problems. My sister in law is a terrific babysitter and mother to a great seven year old girl herself, she knows her way around babies.

It was me, suddenly scared of not having this tiny human attached to my body, that was so eager to get back home I couldn’t even concentrate on the (epic) sunset. In fact, Mr. Loca was taking these pictures while I was already packing up our stuff to get back.

May sound crazy to you, but back then I was so scared she’d just disappear when I turned my head, I was in physical pain if I had to leave her.

At the same time I was dying to be without her, to have five minutes of peace, to just feel myself again.

I really don´t miss being a first time mum!

More rambling, both in words and in video! To make up for that, I will link my brother in laws Instagram account here: @geol.alex

You should really go give him a follow, he is a terrific photographer (though he prefers landscape over being my Instagram husband, ts) and it will give you a sneak peak of what we will see in one of our upcoming travels 2018.

Because, as you would never have guessed from this brain dump here, our travel plans are what the video is actually about!

Don’t forget to tell him that @lindalibraloca send you, or he will never believe that I actually gave him a shoutout!



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