Life Update: Why I am taking a break – LLL Vlogs 52

When I uploaded this vlog to You Tube, I did of course add tags. I mean, even if this is just a rambly video of me looking pretty worn because it was the end of a long day and I desperately needed to wash my hair, even then I want it to rank in You Tube search.

Actually, I have been reading a lot about SEO and ranking and videography lately, but I´ll get to that a little later.


Taking a break
Taking a break (picture taken by my mother)


So when I used the tag: “Taking a break”, I instantly got a ton of suggested tags along the lines of: “Life Update: Getting a divorce” or “Life update: Why we broke up”. Which, I assure you guys, is totally NOT what has been going on lately.

I mean, we are not even “on a break” in a Friends kind of way. We are perfectly fine.



Which might, of course, change now that we are ready to depart on our two weeks camper van trip as a family of four. Have I told you before that I don’t work well when I constantly have someone right next to me? I am a bit of a loner (ha, big words here), and the only people I tend to make an exception for are really close family.

Lucky for me, I only take my close family with me. so theoretically we should be fine. We even scheduled in a mini break from the break when we visit my brother in law for a few days (did I mention that he lives close to the Polar Circle? And that he posts beautiful landscape pictures one at @geol.alex on Instagram?) He owns a house, so there will be doors to close behind me at least at some point on that trip.

As I kind of got lost a little in my writing here, I´ll quickly recap and leave the SEO and ranking rant for a later day:

I will be taking a break.

It will be two weeks, the reasons why are explained in the video.

Normal posting schedule will resume on July 16th, 8pm.

As for now, there are around 480 blog posts here for you to entertain yourself until I am back.

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