I´ve got this fever again – MAC Hot/Cold Tinted Lipglass

Do you know it?
The feeling when you see something and suddenly turn hot and cold, because you know you just have to have it?

That hasn’t happened to me for the longest time, but when I stumbled upon the pictures of MACs “Wash and Dry”-Collection, it got me.
The Limited Edition Fever!

MAC Tinted Lipglass in Hot/Cold

And I am not ashamed to admit, it wasn’t a particular product that infected me with this bad case of LE-Fever.
It was the packaging.
The gorgeous, rainbow colored pattern gracing all the products with exception of the eye khols.

So I was left to decide which product I actually wanted to buy, and after clicking through many swatches, settled for Morange lipstick.
But when I went to the store (Mr. Loca rolling his eyes) and had it applied, it just didn’t work with my skin tone.
For a second I contemplated getting it anyway (it was the fever speaking!), but quickly scanned the products again and, no surprise here, settled for a red lipglass called “Hot/Cold”.

MAC Tinted Lipglass in Hot/Cold

Now lets admire the packaging in all it´s beauty for a second!
Do you see the rainbow colors?
The sparkle?
Can you smell the vanilla goodness that is MAC lip products?
I don’t think I have fully recovered yet…

But allow me to get a grip and talk you through the facts:
One tube contains 4.8 ml and retails for 19€ here.
The lipgloss is opaque in one swipe, feels sticky on the lips and graces you with it´s presence for around four hours if all you do is drink.
If you eat, you will have to reapply to get the opaque glossiness again, but even after a light meal, you are still left with a pretty stain.
Obviously, it won’t survive the Sunday roast, but it is a lipgloss after all.

MAC Tinted Lipglass Hot/Cold, one swipe

On me, it is a pretty cool toned red with maybe a hint of berry.
The one downside I have to mention can be seen in the picture below: After wearing it throughout the day and reapplying it about four times, it started to settle into my lip lines.

MAC Tinted Lipglass Hot/Cold, lip swatch

Would I rebuy?
Well, it is Limited edition, but even after cooling off I don’t regret buying what must be my 12th red lipgloss and can see me getting a lot of wear out of it.

Who do I recommend it to?
Anyone who likes the color and still needs a red lipgloss.
I mean, come on, the PACKAGING!

Full face wearing MAC Tinted Lipglass in Hot/Cold

Did you end up getting anything from that collection?
And have you caught the LE-fever recently?

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