Intermittent fasting and my 9 months postpartum body update

After filming my 6 months postpartum update where I talked about my diet and exercise routine, I received a lot of questions about Intermittent Fasting, or interval fasting as it is called in Germany.


Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent Fasting


Some of the questions were repetitive, so I decided to go into more depth with this video, covering the scientific background, different options of how to do it and the beneficial effects it has on your health, even if you don´t need to loose any weight.


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Regarding my family history, I am at risk for diabetes, stroke and heart disease, and I am determined to stay healthy as long as possible for myself and for my children.

Of course I will share some slightly blurry footage of how my body looks 9 months after I had my second child. There is a long way I still need to go in terms of toning, and some changes will most likely be permanent, but I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight much quicker than I did after my first pregnancy. I do blame that on Intermittent Fasting.

And on chasing after a toddler 24/7. I guess that helps as well.

The best thing about the flexible version I chose to do is that when I get sick, like I was on Saturday, and I can´t be bothered to eat anything, that just counts as one of my Intermittent Fasting days and I can go back to eating normal once I feel better.


Does Intermittent Fasting sound like something that would work for you?



I am a trained physician, but this video does not replace a medical consultation. Please go get a medical consultation if you have any health issues before incorporating any kind of diet in your routine.
This is not a sponsored video.



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