Inspired by … Dior Golden Schock Collection, Holiday 2014

If you are new to the “Inspired by…” series, click here for part one. Long story short, I try to recreate looks that I liked using the products I already own.

As Christmas and New Year are approaching at lightning speed, I went for a festive, full-on makeup look, something I would wear for a big event.

Dior Golden Shock Collection, Holiday 2014

I even try to recreate the pose!

First of all, I love the shape of the eye makeup. In contrast to the rounded eyeshadow application I did last time, the shadow is smoked out, elongating the eyes.

Sometimes I wish I used Photoshop. Picture taken by Mr. Loca

Despite the name of the collection, I didn’t spot any full on golden color on the model, more of a bronze, brown mixture of shades with a hint of grey and silver in the inner corner.
The lipstick looked very glossy, so I dabbed some eyeshadow on my lower lip to recreate that finish (and trying to make them look fuller. Didn’t work).

Close up of the eyes. Picture taken by Mr. Loca.

The products used:

Painterly Paintpot as base
MAC “Crosscultural” es (matte) in the outer third of the lid, smoked out
MAC “Showstopper” es (matte) to deepen the outer part even more
MAC “Bamboo” es (matte) as transition and blending color
MAC “Random glittery grey/silver eyeshadow, I just can’t find the name anywhere” on the inner third
MAC “Flip” es (frost) in the inner corner
L´Oréal Super Liner in “Extra Black Gloss” as liner (obviously)
L´Oréal False Lash Effect Butterfly mascara in black

Eyeshadows in order as mentioned above, Flip is in the upper left corner of the quad

MAC Matchmaster Foundation Shade 1.5
MAC “Harmony” blush for contouring
MAC Concealer palette in “light” for concealing and highlighting
Maybelline Mattemaker powder in “light beige”

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in “VaVaVoum”
MAC “Flip” es as highlight

Face and lips

One thing I still have to adjust to is how much flash photography changes the makeup. After I finished, I feared I had totally gone overboard with the eyes and the contour, but looking at the pictures, I should have done even more. Especially the eyes look much lighter in the pictures than they were in person.

This is a look I would totally wear on a night out.

How about you, do you prefer rounded or cat eye?
And what are you going to wear for the holidays?
Let me know in the comments below.

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