Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorial for mature skin

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I love a glamorous makeup look as much as the next beauty blogger, but even if I´d say I am wearing quite a lot of makeup compared to other women around me, I can´t help but feel a little intimidated by the Full Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorials I have seen recently.


Glam Holiday Makeup
Glam Holiday Makeup for mature skin


Glitter, red lips, I am down for that (in fact I want to be buried with my favorite red lipstick, just in case you actually CAN take things with you to the other side). But the full Instagram Glam with the cut crease and strong contour? I wouldn´t feel myself when wearing that.

And as I am very comfortable with feeling myself, I figured I would do my own version of a Holiday Makeup Tutorial, using contour, shimmer, false lashes and red lipstick… But in a way that still feels like myself.

Wearable Holiday Glam Makeup? Mature Holiday Glam Makeup? Boring Holiday Makeup? Whatever you want to call it, here is the tutorial!


As always make sure to watch on You Tube and in HD for the ultimate viewing pleasure!



And as I had this conversation over on Instagram recently: You absolutely don´t have to use the same products I am using. It would be cruel if I suggested that, as I literally use my makeup until it falls apart, so chances are you woudn´t be able to get hold of it if you tried.

If I use a golden eyeshadow, I encourage you to find a similar one that works with your complexion, and if I recommend a brand in terms of quality it doesn´t mean that another one you already have in your stash wouldn´t be as good.

But to make things easier, I tried to list the products I used or similar ones underneath.


Used on the face

Used on my eyes

Now lets get chatting:

Any parties you attended this season? I only had one, more impromptu social gathering. My neighbors spontaneously decided to throw a Christmas Party in their garage, with mulled wine, barbecue and disco lights. I took the kids and it was a lot of fun, even though it was cold and rainy. Didn´t stop the kids from having second and third helpings of the ice cream provided whenever I turned my back, but I guess it is mandatory to leave healthy eating habits around this time of the year.


Glam Holiday Makeup
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