Generous Gifts – Lipstick Queen Lipstick in “Saint Coral”

Finding some one that shares your passion for something makes life so much more enjoyable, don’t you think?

And while I am lucky to have a husband sharing my love for hiking and lots of other stuff, for some very strange reason he just isn’t as much into makeup as I am.
Me going on and on about skin tones, lipstick finishes and eyeshadow fallout isn’t his idea of a fun conversation, so I started this blog (among other reasons) to connect with likeminded people, as they are rare among my friends.

Lipstick Queen Lipstick in “Saint Coral”

Rare, but not non-existent.
My gorgeous friend Pia is as crazy as I am about all things makeup, and we can spend hours discussing new releases or browsing the aisles of the local drugstore.
She also is quite different complexionwise, having dark hair and fair, cool-toned skin (think Snow-white, she really is very pretty!)

And when she ends up with something that just doesn’t work with her skin tone, I am the lucky profiteer.
This is how I got my hands on my first ever Lipstick Queen product.

What Lipstick Queen claims:
Each easy to wear shade contains 10% pigment, giving just a hint of long-lasting color. Build the shade for a more dramatic yet casual approach to glamour.
Moisturizing and long-lasting sheer color. Fragrance and shimmer free.

Sadly, Lipstick Queen isn’t available in store in Germany.
All lipsticks Queen lipsticks come in different colored, sleek tubes. The Saint Lipstick packaging is of a golden color with purple writing.
Inside are 3.5 g (0,12 Oz) and it retails for 21 € on Amazon.

As claimed by Lipstick Queen there is no scent and no shimmer.

Despite containing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, the formula isn’t very moisturizing on my lips. It isn’t drying either, it just leaves my lips the way they were before applying.
Even though the color is marketed as sheer, it shows up well enough on my lips and can be build up when using several swipes.

One swipe of Lipstick Queens “Saint Coral”

Weartime on me is average. If I only drink, I can still see the color after 2-3 hours, but I have to reapply after eating. But considering this is a sheer color, I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

All lipsticks are available in a corresponding “Sinner” formula, containing 90% pigment, thus providing opaque coverage and longer weartime.

Does it live up to its claims?
It isn’t as moisturizing as I would have hoped, but that may be due to my moisture zapping work environment more than due to the lipstick itself.

Will I rebuy?
I like the formula and think it is well worth the price.
And I love the color. It has quickly become a staple in my handbag.

Who do I recommend it to?
Anyone willing to spend that amount of money on a lipstick.
You will find your preferred coverage either in the “Saint” or in the “Sinner” range, the formula is easy to wear and the ingredient list full of goodness, so I think the price is justified.

Have you ever tried Lipstick Queen?
And are you a Saint or a Sinner?

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