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You know I film my videos in advance sometimes. Way in advance, this time. I actually filmed it on February 3rd, which I remember so clearly because it was the day I got sick.

See, despite having kids I don´t often catch their bugs, but that time it hit me hard and I was out for almost a week.

Right now I am feeling fine and pity my past self for looks and voice, so no need for sympathy coming from your side.


L´Oréal Perfect Match Foundation
L´Oréal Perfect Match Foundation


I´d rather have you focused on the fact that despite me getting so sick over the course of the day, that was how I looked at the end of the video.

Which is actually kind of a spoiler right here: I really, really like the L´Oréal Perfect Match Foundation! But read on to find out how much exactly!

As always. here is the video to see in person how it held up, but again I will sum up the most important facts underneath for the busy visitor!


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The claims

This innovative formula melts into your skin, adapting to the color and structure of your skin. It offers natural perfection, medium coverage without looking like a mask.

It comes in 24 different shades and is around 9,95 € in store or online here.


L´Oréal Perfect Match Foundation
The pump


The packaging

A plastic bottle with a pump. It gets dirty quickly, but that is about the only complaint I have.


The application

Beauty blender, finger, any kind of brush – everything works well with this foundation. I personally prefer a Buffing brush, but it is completely up to you.


The coverage

Medium to full, while looking very natural indeed. It is easily buildable without caking or piling up.


L´Oréal Perfect Match Foundation
The finish


The finish

Ah, my only complaint. As you can see in the swatch above, it is natural to dewy. And I don’t like dewy on me. Granted, I am the only one left with this opinion, a relict of the early 80s, but I never wear this foundation without powder. Mind you, it is not oily, just dewy and looking like well hydrated skin.


The feeling

Weightless, lightweight, slightly hydrating. Really pleasant.


The weartime

Without primer and powder I can see it fading around the six hour mark, but only in areas where I frequently touch my face. With primer and powder it lasts at least eight hours on me, but usually still looks very good after ten hours of wear.


The skintypes

With good preparation, this should work on everyone. It looks like skin on my comb oil t-zone, it doesn’t cling to any dry patches, it doesn’t settle into fine lines… Any skin type should get along with it.

And as there are currently 24 different shades available, it should be possible for most to find a color match.


The final verdict

If you couldn’t tell already, I am in love. It is an amazing foundation, it ticks (almost) all of my boxes and for 9,95 € at my local drugstore there is really nothing stopping me from always having a bottle in my stash.


L´Oréal Perfect Match
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