First Impressions – Maison Jacynthe

We are all picture persons. Even I, much more into writing and reading than into taking pictures or looking at them react subconsciously to the pretty images on display.

And brands know that. If you look at their leaflets, you most of the time don’t even have to read to see what the whole thing is about.


First Impressions Maison Jacynthe
First Impressions Maison Jacynthe


Same is true about Maison Jacynthe, both the leaflet and the website. And that is great, because at the moment, it is only available in French. Probably because they are based in Quebec.

Maison Jacynthe is a Canadian 100% natural brand that does skincare and makeup. I had the opportunity to try some of their makeup, and tried it first time for you on camera!


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Products mentioned:

Maison Jacynthe Eyeshadow in Irish (Link)
Maison Jacynthe Eyeshadow in Barista (Link)
Maison Jacynthe Blush in Romeo (Link)

The products I am showing here are the refills, there are wooden palettes available on the website that fit either two shadows or one blush, but I used the excuse to sneakily order a Z-palette.


Maison Jacynthe formulate their products 100% natural, without petroleum byproducts, artificial fragrances or preservatives, and the makeup line is enriched with green coffee for antioxidants. Whether or not antioxidants in your eyeshadow are necessary or not is of course up to personal preference.

They are cruelty-free.


If you want to know how the mascara, lipsticks and bronzers perform, I will link you two reviews by amazing bloggers worth checking out:

Shireen from Reflection of Sanity (Review here)

Dagmar from Mummys Beauty Corner (Review here)

Have you heard about that brand before? And how do you feel about all natural makeup?


The items in this post are PR samples. I was under no obligation to write about them and all opinion expressed are honest any my own. Links may be affiliate links via Skimlinks.


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