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In a world where science based blogs pop up right left and center, I want to draw attention to an aphorism that, albeit in different form, has been around for as long as 300 BCE:

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Or, put more simple: Just because we don´t have proof that something works, that doesn´t mean that it doesn´t work. Maybe we just don´t have the research to back it up.


Firm Skin with Skin689
Two products I am currently using, both by Skin689


Especially in skin care, not all of the myriad ingredients have been put through the process of statistical and evidence based approval. Some just have been around forever, together with claims that may or may not be true.

So please do take the information I give you in this article with a pinch of salt. Just because some ingredients in the Skin 689 Firm Skin products *have not scientifically proven to firm the skin, that does not mean that they actually don´t. You have to see for yourself whether or not you think they might work for you.


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But let me quickly sum up the information I will give you in the video above in written form.


Why does skin loose its firmness?

On top of the multitude of lipids, ceramides, fatty acids and what not, our skin is made up of a net of collagen and elastin, keeping everything tight and in place. Elastin and collagen, as you surely know by now, are under constant attack from free radicals, sun exposure, sugar and pollution. And while my kids still have the means to repair any damage done, my ageing and more tired body can´t keep up any longer. Which is why my boobs, belly and butt start to sag.


What can I do for prevention?

We all know by now that prevention is better achieved than cure (at least nonsurgical), so limiting the amount of processed sugar you eat, sun protection, quitting cigarettes and a healthy lifestyle in general will help. But there is no denying it: in the long run, you will come to the point where you may need some extra help. (Or, of course, just accept it. Perfectly fine as well.)

This is where treatments and a multitude of lotions and potions are offered.


What should treatments or skincare offer in order to be effective?

Anything that will encourage the build of new collagen and elastin will help firm skin that is already saggy. Anything that offers antioxidants is prevention!

So here is a list of ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase collagen production:

  • ChroNoline
  • Syn-Hycan
  • Essenskin
  • Relistase
  • ATP

Of course the usual suspects like Vitamin C, Retinol and Niacinamide do influence collagen production as well, but not as effectively that they can singlehandedly lift your butt. Things like ultrasound and microcurrent devices, in the hands of a certified aesthetician or dermatologist, may have an effect as well. But there are huge differences depending on the device used and the strength, so I can´t give you a one size fits all verdict.


Firm Skin
Close up of the bristles of my Dry Brush


What about Dry Brushing?

First off: I am a huge fan of dry brushing and have been doing it twice a week for two years now. The firm bristles exfoliate the skin very effectively and, given the fact that it is kind of a rough treatment, increase the blood flow. Which leads to smooth and plump looking skin. But while I really don´t want to belittle the positive effects it has, it will NOT detoxify (whatever that is supposed to mean anyway), it will NOT break down fat cells (believe me, if it would I´d dry brush twice a day) and it will NOT increase collagen production.


And Caffeine?

Caffeine is a diuretic. If you drink a lot, it will help you get rid of water. Which may make the appearance of cellulite less visible. Applied topically, it may have a (smaller) diuretic effect as well. And it contains antioxidants. But it will NOT increase collagen production.


So what do YOU do?

I buy a lot of products that claim to help me and put them to the test.

Latest on my bedside table: The Skin689 Firm Upper Arms* (40 ml for 42 € here) and the Skin689 Firm Neck and Decollété * (50 ml for 44 € here). To answer the burning question you might have had first: No, none of them contains an ingredient that independent, evidence based studies have proven to increase collagen production. But both do contain a lovely blend of plumping ingredients and antioxidants, making my skin appear firm. They also helped get rid of dryness that tends to creep up when the heating period begins.

The patent pending CoAXELTM , DermCom® crocus bulb extract and PhytoCellTecTM , part of the formulation, do claim to increase collagen production, but I have not found any independent publications on these ingredients in my research.

But that, as mentioned above, is absence of evidence. Not evidence of absence.

Will I repurchase? Probably not. But I will happily use them whenever I feel the need to show my arms and cleavage, as the temporary effect is beautiful.

If you want to read more about the brand (they are based in Switzerland), here is a link to the website.


Firm Skin
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