Favorite Face of November

Although I have a decent collection (Mr. Loca would call it excessive, but what does he know?), the same products are pulled out over and over again, leading to a fool-prove but somehow boring everyday look.
Depending on my mood, I will call it “my signature look” or “plain, boring face”.

To show some love to all my products, I created the “Inspired by…” series, started shopping my stash on a more regular basis and made it a point to change up at least one or two items every week.

Favorite face of November

This is the look I wore a lot last month, calling it my “favorite face” or “face favorites”, whatever you prefer.
Read below which of these products I really loved.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in “Nude”

As a base I am wearing Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in the shade “Nude”.
Although I got color matched at the counter in January this year, it is a little to dark for me once the full winter paleness kicks in, but with a late sunny holiday in October I can still get away with it.
The coverage is sheer, buildable to medium and the finish is dewy. A little too dewy for my taste, so I tend to set it with powder.
I will have a more in depth review up soon, in case you are interested.

MAC eyeshadow in “Flip” (upper row, right) and MAC Shadestick in “Relaxed

On my eyes the same combo was applied almost every day:
MAC Shadestick in “Relaxed” (Warm and Cozy LE, 2009), blended in with my finer and and MAC “Flip” eyeshadow on top.
“Relaxed” was the first ever MAC product I bought, but it took me ages to start using it, because it is a very dark brown in the tube. Applied it sheers out a lot, leaving just a wash of color, and tends to crease after two hours.
To prevent the creasing and to emphasize the pretty gold flecks in it, I set it with a golden eyeshadow and am left with a subtle, day-time appropriate bronze smokey eye.

L´Oréal SuperLiner in “Extra Back Gloss”

I then line my eyes with the L´Oréal SuperLiner in “Extra Black Gloss”, winging it out depending on my mood and the time I can spend trying to correct my mistakes.
That liner has been repurchased several times, I might well be on my fourth tube.

MAC Lipstick “Baron´s Rose”

On my lips is the MAC lipstick in “Baron´s Rose”, a beautiful reddened berry with golden shimmer, featured in my “Favorite lipsticks in the colder months”-post.

Everything else on my face was just okay, so I will spare you the details.

Essie “Sole Mate”

To stay fall-appropriate, I wore Essie “Sole Mate” on my nails non-stop, a very deep burgundy red.

I don´t believe in seasonal appropriate makeup, I tend to wear whatever color I feel like, but somehow, when the days get shorter, I find myself drifting towards warm, deep colors.
What about you? Seasonal or mood makeup? Or totally rebellious?

What was your “face of the month”? Or do you change your whole look on a daily basis?
Tell me in the comments below!

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