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Many of you may know it already, but almost a year ago I switched jobs. I used to work as a senior physician on an ICU, now I work in Public Health.

There were many reasons for this decision, family and being there for the kids the main one, but I am not going to lie: Being able to paint my nails whenever I felt like it was at least helping in making it easier.


Faby Ego collection Fall 2017
Faby Ego Collection Fall 2017. Left to right: Vertigo, Myself, My Darkness, E-Gold


When you work on ICU (or anywhere in the hospital), your nails have to be short and bare. Which means I could only paint my nails on a Friday night and had to take the polish off on Sunday. If I didn´t work the weekend, that is.

Now I am free to paint my nails whenever I like as the only thing stopping me is the need to use my hands. For the kids, for blog work, for eating crisps while watching Netflix.

Latest on my paws? The Faby Ego Collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 (*PR-Sample).


If you have never heard about Faby, they are a 5 free, vegan and cruelty free nail polish brand that offers different collections as well as treatments, base and top coats.


Here is what Faby has to say about the Ego Collection:

Ego captures the essence of femininity, a color palette made up of bright and intense shades, in a continuous exchange of contrasts that creates a decidedly sensual mood and makes you stand out.

There are a total of 12 shades that retail for 15 € on the website here.


Faby Ego Collection
Faby nailpolish in Vertigo on my nails


My thoughts

I was sent a set of four, out of which the shade E-Gold, a golden glitter, was instantly dismissed as I never (ever!) enjoy glitter on my nails.

The other three, My Darkness (a midnight blue), Vertigo (a deep red) and Myself (a dark brown) have been on constant rotation.

Rotation is probably too much to say though: As they last five days on my nails before I notice minor chipping (seven days until I find the need to take them off), each has accompanied me through a work week once. Which is probably a bold choice, as especially Myself and My Darkness have serious gothic vibes, but YOLO and all. Yes, I do cringe when writing YOLO, but I felt like it was appropriate. May be the sign of a midlife crisis coming up?

All three are opaque with two coats, but Vertigo could have done with three if you looked up very closely and had an average drying time when paired with the Faby Oxygen Base Coat (15 € here) and the Faby Top Coat Fast Dry (15 € here). The brushes are medium in width and easy to work with.

I do recommend a base coat whenever wearing dark shades like this, but I don´t feel like base and top coat are extraordinary. If you already have one you love, there is no need to rush out and buy these. If you want good quality 5 free ones though, go check them out.


More Faby?

Now of course these dark shades aren´t everyones cup of tea (YOLO, ha!), so I am going to include a picture of the Spring/Summer Collection 2017 which featured much more corals and pinks that should work well for the office. (Still available on the website here)


Faby I´m Collection
Faby I´m Collection


And for those of you that want the extra natural effort, there is the “Nature Collection”, made from 87% natural ingredients and 10 free, featuring earthy tones as well as neutrals. (16 € here)


Faby Nature Collection
Faby Nature Collection


Now back to the main question: Do I feel all sensual now that I wear Faby Ego Collection?

No. I still feel like a working mum (the farthest thing from sensual I can think of). But whenever I look at my nails, I know that (for many reasons) my decision to switch jobs was the right one.


Psst, I did upload a vlog yesterday. Already seen it?


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