Dipping my toe into oils – The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil

“The skin is endowed with many functions to preserve its beauty, but one thing it can not do is cleanse itself.”

Now while I wholeheartedly agree with this line, I didn’t come up with it.
It is by Shu Uemura, an explanation why he chose to come out with a cleansing oil back in the days when soap and foam still were the way to go.

The Body Shop Camomille Cleansing Oil
The Body Shop Camomille Cleansing Oil

Being a long-time convert when it comes to balm cleansers, I never really tried a cleansing oil, but I was determined I would.

I could have gone for the Shu Uemura one, loved by many and looking all lush at their website, but I hesitated to spend more than 40 € on a product I wasn’t sure I would love or even get on with.

A drugstore option was hard to find, but finally I discovered The Body Shop Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil. Much more affordable for an oily test-run!

What The Body Shop claims:
This silky-soft cleanser will effortlessly remove make-up from the whole face quickly and effectively, leaving skin feeling clean, refreshed and clear of impurities. It is the ultimate time-saver.
Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive skins, removes waterproof makeup.

One bottle, pump included, contains 200 ml and is sold for 12 € in stores or online.
I use mine almost every night as a first cleanse, and after three months am only half-way through the bottle.
One pump is enough to cover your whole face and really works great at removing even waterproof makeup or lip stains.

The oil itself is slightly golden.
The oil itself is slightly golden.

Even though you are advised to wet your hands and emulsify the product after massaging it into the skin, I feel no need to do this. I simply wet my wash cloth and wash my face without feeling like I have any residue left.

The oil, emulsified.
The oil, emulsified.

It leaves my skin (combination-oily, a little dehydrated throughout winter) feeling clean and soft, neither stripped nor oily.

The one complain I have would be that my bottle started leaking a few weeks ago. Maybe all the traveling was a little rough on it, but the pump seems to dispense a little product to the sides of the bottle whenever I use it, leaving it slippery in my hands.
Not much, mind you, but a little annoying nonetheless.

Favorable ingredients:
– Soja Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, B complex and linoleic acid
– Sweet Almond Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, moisturizing
– Sunflower Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acid, anti-inflammatory
– Capric Triglyceride: Moisturizing
– Ethylhexyl Palmitate: Moisturizing
– Sesame Seed Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids

Unfavorable Ingredients:
– Perfume

The actual detergents used are sulphate free.

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes, with one exception.
It works great and quick at removing my makeup, even the waterproof one. My skin feels soft, clean and refreshed.
But if I use it to remove my eye makeup while still wearing my contacts, my vision gets blurry for at least 15 minutes.

Will I rebuy?
The ingredient list is lovely, the price great and my skin is feeling fabulous after every use.

Who do I recommend it to?
If your skin is oily, please believe me that this will not make things worse. Oil removes oil!
If your skin is dry or irritated, it will clean it gentle and effective, no need to tug or rub.
And if you are a contact lens wearer: Remove them before the evening cleanse. Wear your glasses!

Does that mean I will never opt for the Shu Uemura version mentioned earlier? No.
Curiosity bids me to test out all the cleansing oils available now, and I wouldn’t mind receiving a pricier one for Christmas this year…

Have you tried cleansing oils before?
And do you wear your contacts right up until bedtime?

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