Different shades of neutral – my eyeshadow collection

First and foremost:
Yes, I do love MAC.
And yes, there were times when I would wait outside my Douglas in the middle of the night to get my hands on the newest releases first.
Actually it was 9 am, but you get the picture.

My collection, mostly MAC (well, only two exceptions…)

I am not that obsessed anymore, but as you will be able to tell from the picture above, I really have a thing for their eyeshadows.
And for neutrals.
Just for the record (and Mr. Loca, should he bother to read this): Yes, they all look different!

Prepare for pictures:
My 28 pan palette:
I got it from “Kosmetik Kosmo” two years ago and depotted most of the shadows myself (as you can see it didn’t work every time).

First and second row, first four

Upper row, the first four:
Tissue Weight (Frost), Nanogold (Lustre), Naked Lunch (Frost), Straw Harvest (Veluxe Pearl)

Tissue Weight, Nanogold, Naked Lunch, Straw Harvest

Second row, the first four:
All Races (Matte), Crosscultural (Matte), Showstopper (Matte), Mythical (Veluxe Pearl)

All Races, Crosscultural, Showstopper, Mythical

Third row, the first three:
Bamboo (Matte), Sand´n´Sun (Matte), Saffron (Satin)

Third Row, first three

Bamboo, Sand´n´Sun, Saffron

Upper row, the last three:
Random Silver Shade (I really don’t know), Birds´n´Berries (Veluxe Pearl), Moonflower (Frost)

Second row, the last three:
Club (Satin), Swimming (Frost), Shimmer Moss (Frost)

Third row, the last three:
Pink Puff (Satin), Dames Desire (Frost), Sweet´n´Punchy (Veluxe Pearl)

Upper, second and third row, last three
Random Silver Shade, Birds´n´Berries, Moonflower
Club, Swimming, Shimmer Moss
Pink Puff, Dames Desire, Sweet´n´Punchy

MAC Quad, starting upper left, going clockwise:
Manila Paper (Veluxe Pearl), Flip (Frost), Creole Beauty (Frost), Aztec Brick (Veluxe Pearl)

MAC Quad
Manila Paper, Flip, Creole Beauty, Aztec Brick

The MAC singles, from left to right:
Snow Season (Mineralize), Quarry (Mineralize), Semi-Precious (Satin), Dark Indulgence (Mineralize), Smoked Ruby (Mineralize)

MAC Singles

The others:
Catrice “Carrots of the Caribbean”, KIKO 219

Catrice “Carrots of the Caribbean”, KIKO 219
Snow Season, Quarry, Semi-Precious
Dark Indulgence, Dark Ruby, “Carrots of the Caribbean”, 219

Missing is “Satin Taupe”, which I love, but the Little Bean dropped it, so I have to rebuy.

Any further MAC addicts?
Can you name the LEs my shadows consist mostly of? Then praise to you!
Which one is your favorite?

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