Decluttering my nail polish collection

I understand it might seem different, but I have never watched an episode of Mari Kondo on Netflix in my whole life. I haven´t even read her book, although I have considered gifting it to certain people I share a roof with several times.


Decluttering my nail polish collection
Decluttering my nail polish collection


The impulse to declutter my surroundings hasn´t been triggered externally, I have always had it. Not that I am a minimalist, but I prefer organized places and space around me.

My mother might now think back at me growing up and strongly disagree, so I will rephrase to: Ever since I moved out, I had the desire to have a clutter free surrounding.

With two kids though clutter just seems to manifest out of thin air, and that is not limited to kids stuff. No, quite the opposite! I feel like I spend so much time decluttering kids toys and picking up after them that my own stuff grows rapidly.


Time to change that! As part of my low-buy plans I decided to go through my beauty stuff (and eventually my wardrobe at a later date) and only keep “what sparks joy” (see, there is no escaping Mari Kondo!).

First stop? My nail polish collection. I wanted something manageable. Had I set myself the task to start with red lipsticks… Well, we all know how that would have ended.

The hardest part was to distinguish between things that spark joy in the bottle and things that I would actually wear – I do love looking at glittery blue in the bottle, but on my nails? Not so much.

On the contrary, my whole collection seems to be made of muted colors now that I am finished, with Essie Watermelon and Too Taboo apparently being my idea of “outgoing summer colors”. What does that say about me? Am I living a muted life? Or am I reading too much into it here?

I bet I am, so in an attempt to embrace my muted side, I scored two new nail polishes from that color spectrum in a recent makeup swap: Debora Lipman “Modern Love” and Essie “Chincilly”. It is all about being unapologetically yourself, am I right?


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