Create before you consume

Podcasts – a few months ago, I barely ever listened to them, but fast forward to now and you will find me listening to them whenever I have a minute to spare.

Nothing lifestyle related though: I have fallen for the entrepreneur version!


Create before you consume
Create before you consume – no matter if it is on paper or digital


The ones with the Blogging and You Tube advice, the ones that make you want to sit down and work on your channels immediately, full of ideas and motivation.

Of course not all episodes offer something valuable for my current situation, but for each of them that I listen to and the immediately forget about, there is one that offers me something that has a huge impact.

“Create before you consume” is one of the nuggets that truly changed a lot for me.

Not impressed? Hear me out!

I love reading Blogs or watching You Tube, and I believe in actively participating in our community. But for the longest time I´d use my short breaks to catch up with my favorite channels, and when I was finally able to sit down to create content for myself, worn out from a full day of work, I was feeling behind. I had seen so much beauty while I myself hadn´t even started yet – I felt like a failure.

Comparison is the thief of joy, they say, and while I don´t think that this is entirely true, it can be disheartening to see what others already accomplished before you get down to work yourself.

So I tried switching it:

Before I allowed myself scrolling through instagram, reading a blog post or watching a You Tube video, I worked on one thing for myself. At least 15 minutes is what I aimed for, but truth be told once I started I stuck to it much longer.

Just sitting down, being creative, getting things done made me feel so accomplished that it honestly changed the way I felt for the whole day.

I hadn´t even realized just how much it brought me down to consume before I created until it was the other way round – a boost in motivation and in mood that I dearly needed. Suddenly the beautiful work others created was inspiration again, not a heavy weight dragging me down. Because I already had something of my own to be proud of.

Have you made similar experiences?

Oh, and let me know if you want a list of Podcasts I´d recommend – I´d be happy to share.


Create before you consume
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