Beauty at second glance – Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in “Bountiful Beige”

Some things are worth a second look.
Some beauty is so subtle you almost miss it.

When we were up in Norway at my brother-in-law´s place, we went for a lot of short hikes. Now the northern part of Norway isn’t as colorful and blooming as the Caribbean may be, but the mountains and the harsher landscape do hold a beauty of their own.

Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes in “Bountiful Beige”

One day, when taking a short break on a mountain peak, I looked down to see a piece of rock. It was just a piece of rock on first sight, but when the sun hit it, it started to sparkle in a way that rivaled Bobby Brown Shimmer Bricks.

A beauty on second glance. Just like Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes in “Bountiful Beige”.

I love my Chubby Stick in Mega Melon, so of course I was excited when they steadily expanded the range, introducing Chubby Sticks for the eyes and the cheeks.
But as these products aren’t cheap and the reviews I read were mixed, I was hesitant.

Earlier this year, Douglas had one of it´s promotions, offering holders of the “Douglas Card” a travel size version of the Chubby Stick for eyes. I asked my mother to get me one, and received it when I came back from New Zealand.

Looking at the shade, I regretted buying it. Don’t get me wrong, it looked pretty, but I knew in an instant that the color wasn’t going to show up on my lids.

A soft, shimmery beige.

Already owning it, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it at least.
Just as assumed, it is hardly noticeable on my lids.
At least not on first sight.

But when I move and the light hits my face, my eyelids get a soft, satiny sheen. The capillaries ain´t showing and everything looks fresh and alive.
I discovered a “My Lids But Better” shade!

Just a subtle sheen, nearly impossible to capture on camera

I tend to grab it a lot if I am in a hurry and want to look polished, but effortless.
Now rumor has it that these tend to crease quite a lot, and even though this one doesn’t on me, this may be down to the fact that I would hardly notice it if it did.

Another added bonus: on my skin this works really well as a creamy highlight, subtle and easy to blend, just the way I prefer it.

If you are looking for intense color, longevity or a dramatic difference to your look, this one won´t be for you.
But if you are a fair skinned girl looking for a subtle everyday color, you can find this beauty for 18,99 € at your Clinique counter or on Amazon here.

Now getting back to this stone, I had to take a picture. But bear with me, the beauty was equally hard to capture on camera.

Random stone in northern Norway

Do you own any beauties on second glance?
And what do you think of the Chubby eyes line?

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