Battling a cold with … Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15

In case you wondered what a must-have spring accessory for children at the age of one this year is, let me fill you in:
A runny nose.

Maybelline Fit Me Conealer in 15 (slightly battered and almost finished)

Little Bean, being all fashionable, had to get one after all the kids at daycare sported theirs.

And while the days are just fine, and toys and toddlers are a great distraction, the nights have been troubled.
Waking up every two hours, crying because she can’t properly breath (which doesn’t improve congested nostrils), she has had me relying on two things:
Nose drops and concealer.

As you may know by now, I rarely leave the house without concealer. My undereye area is dark even if I get enough sleep, and enough sleep has been rare these last 13 months.

Most of the times I settle for a peach toned corrector (read here about my current one) and just dab a little foundation over the top, but when major help is needed, I reach for something more brightening.
This is where the Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in the shade 15 makes its appearance.

What Maybelline claims:
Covers imperfections and a dark undereye area perfectly while brightening. Easy to apply and lightweight.

The sleek looking tube comes with a doe foot applicator and contains 6,8 ml of product.
You can get four different shades, 10 Light, 15 Fair, 20 Sand and 25 Deep, with 10 and 20 having a more beige toned base when swatched as opposed to 15 and 25, which appear more pink.
The shade 15 is too light/pink for my NC 20 skin, while 20 and 25 are too dark, so I would try 10 next.
Don’t be fooled by the numbers: When swatched, 15 is lighter than 10!

One swipe on the back of my hand

One tube retails for 5,45 € here.
For reference, mine has lasted me more than 9 months, using it approximately every other day.

It has a creamy texture and is easy to blend, but the coverage is light and not very buildable.
I am not able to cover my scars or blemishes, and used without a corrector underneath, it isn’t enough for my undereye area. Think YSL Touche Eclat (if you have tried this one).

Spongey doe-foot applicator

Favorable ingredients:
A little Glycerin and Vitamin E, but nothing overexciting. But it is a concealer, not an eye cream, so who cares.

Unfavorable Ingredients:
Mineral Oil derivates, if you are sensitive to that, and parabens. Again, it is a concealer, not skincare.

Worth mentioning is the included Titanium Dioxid, a mineral sunscreen. While a sunscreen on your eye area is nice to have, it can flashback in pictures, so test that first before wearing it on your wedding day.
I had no problems with flashback.

Does it live up to its claims?
In parts.
It is brightening and lightweight, but it doesn’t cover up imperfections and dark circles perfectly, as claimed.
In my opinion it is a non-shimmery highlighter with light coverage, but no concealer in the original sense of the word.

Will I rebuy?
Different shade, and maybe not the minute I finish it, as there are so many others to try, but it has become a staple I don’t want to miss.
After all, there will be more colds coming our way in the future.

Who do I recommend it to?

If you are looking for a brightening, highlighting product, go get it. It is cheaper than the Touche Eclat and has a similar effect.
But if you are looking for a heavy-duty concealer, look elsewhere.Many people compare it to the NARS Creamy Concealer, but I haven’t got my hands on this one (yet), so I can’t vouch for it being similar.
Anyone tried the NARSand this one and can compare?
Do you use corrector and concealer or do you rely on concealer only? Please tell me in the comments.


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