Avon mark Big & Extreme Mascara

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Mascara reviews. I haven’t done them in a while. In fact, the last one I did was on IGTV (Anyone remember that platform? It seems only brands upload teasers of their new releases there anymore.)


Avon mark big & extreme mascara
Avon mark big & extreme mascara


Kind of strange, when you think of it, as mascara is the makeup item I use every day and is the one that I replace most frequently. I might not be worried too much about expiration dates in my other face paint, but as a contact lens wearer mascara that has been open too long makes me uneasy – ain´t nobody got time for an eye infection!

If I am honest, the only reason is that I find mascara pictures incredibly hard to take. No matter how long I try, study the angles and admire the pristine pictures on other blogs, my attempts turn out dark, blurry or odd. Time to get practicing, I guess, so I can share more mascara reviews with you in the time to come!

First for 2019? Avon mark Big & Extreme mascara.


Avon mark big & extreme mascara
The wand


What Avon claims

Skip the salon and achieve lashes so long and volumised, they’ll think you’re wearing extensions with our new and exclusive mark. Big & Extreme Mascara! Our first ever mascara with an innovative elasto-stretch formula, Big & Extreme extends and thickens beyond your natural lashes and offers 2x more stretch than traditional formulas.* While professional lash extensions can be costly, with mark. Big & Extreme Mascara, you can build an extreme lash look that will blow you away – for a fraction of the price! Its spiral-shaped lash-extender brush has long and short bristles that twist together in volumising zones to thicken, extend and stretch even the tiniest lashes. For extreme volume and dramatic length that lasts, choose mark. Big & Extreme Mascara – only at Avon!


Easy to remove

Flake & clump-free.


Price and size

One tube contains 10 ml and retails for 6,29 € on the website here.


The wand

I like them thick, I said that before, and this wand delivers. The bristles are short and dense and grab every single lash, even the tiny ones in the corner.


The texture

This mascara is wet, and that is my biggest grief with it. It is no secret that I prefer drier formulas, but this one had to sit open for almost five weeks until I could work with it without having to wipe down the wand.


Mascara applied on the left side, bare lashes on the right


The effect

I never had lash extensions, so I can’t compare the effect, but the Avon mark Big & Extreme Mascara surely gives drama to my lashes.

Not only in terms of volume and length though, but sadly also in terms of clumping. Apply more than one coat and be prepared to need a lash comb to separate your lashes again.

While my lashes still feel flexible to the touch, the mascara holds a curl for twelve hours and more. It holds the curl, mind you, but it doesn’t actually stay put. While it doesn’t smudge, it leaves tiny flakes all around my eye area.


The removal

Easy to remove? Not even close. Don’t bother trying with anything that isn’t oil based, and even with that it takes some effort to completely get the mascara of your lashes.


Who do I recommend it to?

If you want drama in form of 60s style lashes, the Avon mark Big & Extreme Mascara delivers. Pair that with the affordable price and it might be possible to forgive the wet formula, slight flaking and not so easy removal process.

I however will move on to another one soon.


Avon mark Big&Extreme mascara
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