Seasons Makeup Challenge Spring 2016 – Switching up the routine

We all know that once we have established some kind of workout routine, it is necessary to switch it up every few months and challenge us again, so we don’t get too used to it and stop seeing results.

Now with all of us knowing that and nodding our head in approval, I come to wonder how many of us actually do it?

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I have to admit I am guilty of sticking to the same set of reps for ages, only reluctantly adding weight or, god forbid, even changing my playlist.

But to be honest, working out will have to be slowly introduced into my life with a newborn anyway, so I figured I´d be better off at setting myself a new challenge in a field that I am pretty experienced in already: Shopping my makeup stash!

And so I decided to join the Seasons Makeup Challenge created by Natalia from “Polished Polyglot“.


I have been pretty good at shopping my stash and try to rotate a few things every Sunday, so that the makeup I reach for in the dark of the morning after a sleepless night changes just a little bit, but with time I found myself grabbing the same few bits over and over again. Tried and trusted, but not very adventurous.


The rules

“At the beginning of a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) I will choose some pieces of makeup from my stash and post them here. By the end of that season I shall post how well (or not) I’ve done using them up, and propose new pieces for the following season.”


My picks

As I am trying to get out of my comfort zone, you will see a lot of pastels/pinks here, colors I usually stay away from, but nevertheless do own (#hoarderproblems). I will try my best to really make them work and get some use out of them, but of course will not limit myself to only these. That would be way too much commitment.


Seasons Makeup Challenge - the eyeshadows
Seasons Makeup Challenge – the eyeshadows


  • L´Oréal Color Infaillible in 004 “Forever pink”
  • MAC e/s in “Tissue Weight” (Frost)
  • MAC e/s in “Pink Fluff” (Satin)
  • MAC e/s in “Shimmer Moss”
  • MAC e/s in “Swimming”
  • KIKO e/s in 219


Seasons Makeup Challenge - The blushes
Seasons Makeup Challenge – The blushes


  • NARS “Orgasm”
  • MaxFactor Cream Puff blush in 15 “Seductive Pink”
  • MAC Beauty Powder in “Shell Pearl”


Seasons Makeup Challenge - The Lipsticks
Seasons Makeup Challenge – The Lipsticks


  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 805 “Kissable Pink”
  • L´Oréal Paris Color Riche L´Extraordinaire in “Rose Finale”
  • Soap and Glory lip shaping crayon in “Baby lips blush”


Seasons Makeup Challenge - the lip glosses
Seasons Makeup Challenge – the lip glosses


  • Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01
  • MAC lipglass in “Hush, hush rose” (LE)
  • MAC Pro Longwear lipglass in “Persistent Peach”


How about you, are you game?

Or do you already use everything you own and don’t need to challenge yourself?

There is still time, Spring starts at March 21th!


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